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Brooklyn Upholstery Cleaning

It doesn’t matter whether you live alone, have kids, have pets your upholstery and furniture gets its share of abuse. That is why when it is time to clean your upholstery and furniture you should call the expert, Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners. We have been deep cleaning upholstery and furniture for over 20 years and have maintained our #1 rating for out upholstery and furniture cleaning service. Up to 75% of all the dirt brought into your home could end up in upholstery and furniture? With Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners, it doesn’t have to be that way. We provide upholstery and furniture cleaning services to ensure you clean and fresh smelling items. Our team of experts uses materials that are safe for pets and children while turning your upholstery and furniture back to its original state.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

With are high-tech equipment we battle even the toughest smalls and stains for all upholstery and furniture without damaging anything in the process. Our upholstery and furniture cleaning equipment combined with our professional team will ensure that your upholstery and furniture are as beautiful and fresh as it once was. Our upholstery and furniture service will preserve your or family heirlooms. Our professionally trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to provide your upholstery and furniture the best cleaning. Our tools, as well as our cleaning products are gently used to clean all crevices of your upholstery and furniture. We make sure your entire piece is completely clean, sanitized, and smelling and looking fresh.

Our Process

When cleaning upholstery, we always assess the type of fabric you have, the filling and stability of the fabric, color, age etc. to determine the best cleaning method for your upholstery and furniture. This ensures us that there is never any color running, shrinkage, tearing etc. within the fabric. We take great pride in cleaning each and every one of your upholstery and furniture in order to leave them in immaculate condition. After inspection is complete we being by mixing the right cleaning solutions with water and being service. We first do a deep vacuuming of your upholstery and furniture. Then a light steam cleaning. After that, a deep shampoo cleaning. The cleaning fluid and water are extracted with our high powered, yet gentle machine. Please allow time for the upholstery and furniture to dry.

What You Should Do After

We do ask that you not use the upholstery and furniture that we cleaned until it is 100% dry. Leave a window slightly open so quicker drying time. Leather upholstery and furniture only need an hour to completely dry. Please do not eat, drink or smoke near the area where the upholstery and furniture was just cleaned until it is dry. Regardless of whether you have natural leather or fabric upholstery and furniture in your house, you need appropriate care through normal cleaning and drying. The issue is mainly on the fabric upholstery and furniture which often absorbs moisture and dust causing it to alter color overtime. Though leather-based upholstery and furniture normally absorbs dust yet cleaning is usually more straightforward with leather than fabric upholstery and furniture. You are going to be definitely sure of top quality cleaning service when you use our service here.

Regular Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Service

If you have children or pets or have people constantly sitting on you upholstery and furniture they will get a workout. Food crumbs, stains, blemishes, dust, germs and even pollens are the unavoidable in home furniture. Our upholstery and furniture cleaning service can remove it all. You can spot clean your upholstery and furniture if needed but you do need to get a deep cleaning of your busy upholstery and furniture every year or two. If you attempt to clean up your upholstery and furniture yourself, you will require plenty of time and the appropriate cleaning agents to ensure that it is water and cleaning fluid free and it is 100% clean. Still, you should not have to place yourself in such hassle when we are here to make finest quality upholstery and furniture cleaning service on you.

Safe Environment Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

Remember that healthful environment equals healthy living as well as safe environment equals secure living. So, ensure that that you get in touch with us for upholstery and furniture cleaning services to make your environment healthful for your family members. We have the right kind of expertise in the work and understand the best cleaning materials to utilize in cleaning your upholstery and furniture to be secure cleaning. This makes us the appropriate upholstery and furniture cleaning company you need to remember if you wish to enjoy best quality cleaning service.

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