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What are bed bugs? An invasion of a type of bug that hides in beds and other fabrics, biting humans to feed on their blood. At Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners we do expert bed bug treatment. If you are having issues with bed bug infestation in your residence and need service call us right away, the sooner the better and safer. Are you willing to clean your place and cure bed bug issue totally? If yes, you happen to be in the absolute right place due to the fact that our staff is ready to deliver right cleaning and bed bug cure for you. We have several years of experience combined with our skill sets which make it stress-free for you and for us to work with. For that reason, we are focused as well as prepared to deal with treatment of bed bug in your residence without putting you into the risk or well-being of all your family.

Treatment Of Bed Bugs

Bed bug control treatments have traditionally relied on the use of chemicals and pesticides have now shown to be ineffective in eliminating the infestations even with multiple actions. Bed bugs are developing resistance to the pesticides used in treatments. The resistance was so widespread that the control method had to be changed. The excessive use of pesticide solutions may result in the bed bug developing greater resistance. This is why we at Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners only uses the safest odor and chemical free bed bug treatment products. Your family and pets are our main priority.

Cleaning and Removal Of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are almost impossible to detect, because they are small and thin, making it easy for them to stay unseen. They can mobile up to 20 ft from their spots to their victim. Using a professional service like ours is highly recommended to effectively remove any infestation. A common misunderstanding is that you can only transmit bed bugs from traveling overseas or hotels. This is far from the truth. Bed bugs can be found anywhere, from a store to your gym. They can lie hidden for months and live up to a year. This makes it important to begin treatment at the first signs of an infestation. Keeping an eye out for them in small cracks, mattresses, carpets, rugs, linens, in your headboard/footboard. We will use our highly effective yet safe cleaning solutions to eliminate the bed bugs then deep clean where the bed bugs are. After the cleaning please allow a 24 hour time frame before using that piece.

Bed Bug Danger at Home

When it comes to bed bug extermination for accomplish elimination, our company is just the best. We have the best approach to the treatment of bed bug infestation and equipped to perform everything within our capability to assure a long-lasting solution to your bed bug problem. There is no need trying to getting rid of bed bug issue yourself simply because that will only waste your time and could put your health at risk. For that reason it is much safer for you to work with the trusted group of professionals that know the most effective way to deal with bed bug infestation. You will discover that we have the best solution when you compare us with some other company in the industry.

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