Carpet Installation

Brooklyn Carpet Installation

It takes a lot of planning and time to get your mission going and more importantly, done professionally. Work with one of our carpet specialists to help you find the perfect carpet for your home or office space. At Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners we work with you to select the best carpet to meet your needs. Our staff is professionally trained and are able to answer any question you may have and provide exceptional service every time. After purchasing carpet for your house or business we make sure to discuss our step by step process for your new carpet installation service. We are experts when it relates to floor covering installation. We have best-trained staff members with many years of experience in installation of different forms of floor covering at reasonably rates. We install all residential and commercial spaces. We offer free on site, phone, text, email and chat estimates.

Types Of Carpets We Sell & Install

Commercial Carpets
Residential Carpets
Patterned Cut Pile
Patterned Loop

No Pressure

Because we offer free estimates we will never pressure you into purchasing a carpet before you are ready. We will ask if you would like to go forward with our estimate we issued. If you are not, we will follow up in a week and ask again. For most carpets we offer layaway payments. Make payments for the carpet you choose. When your layaway is paid in full we will install your carpet.


After you have selected your carpet it will arrive in a couple of days. We will contact you once the carpet arrives and discuss installation days that are available for us but more importantly a day that is convenient for you. Before the installer arrives we do recommend you move any items that are breakable, valuable pieces, boxes, toys plants, lamps, laptops, computers, sound systems. We ask that you unplug any electronics and wrap them around the items. Please make a pathway where the installer can rest your new carpet while he removes your existing carpet. We offer night and weekend installations and estimates to accommodate any busy schedule.

During Installation

Once the installer arrives he and his team will bring your new carpet, then the padding then his tools. If there is a removal of an existing carpet he will begin removing it and one of his team members will bring it to the truck or to wherever the carpet was agreed upon disposing it. We do ask that you do not walk in the area or close to where the new carpet is being installed. Please keep your children and pets away from the area that is being installed and the pathway. Please do not smoke, eat or drink near or around the area where the carpet is being installed.

Post Installation

A week after the carpet is installed we will contact via phone, e-mail or text to follow up on your service and your satisfaction. If there is something you are not happy with we will send the installer back to remedy the problem. We always make sure our customers are happy, especially with a new carpet. If you are not happy before we call please do not hesitate to contact us.

Carpet Installation

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