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Brooklyn Area Rug Repair

Allow our experts to handle your rug repair. For high-quality rug repairs, our company is the choice you need to make. We have the capacity, expertise together with ideal approach in fixing all kinds of damages on rugs. We pride ourselves our proficient and well-trained professionals that work with us coupled with our state-of-the-art tools as well as facilities which makes our work easy and simple. As a result, you will get the best quality service when you get in touch with us for your rug repair. We are skilled, professional and trustworthy rug repair experts.


Sometime during a renovation you notice your rug is in need of repair. We can pick up and price your rug. We perform the repair. If you are having renovations or plan on an upcoming move and you would like your rug repaired we can store your rugs in our facility for free for the first 90 days after the competition of your repair. If you need more time we can store your rugs for longer at a reasonable price. When you are ready we can deliver your rug to your new address at no extra fee.

Residential and Commercial Repairs

We do all repairs for residential and commercial properties. Our many years of extensive work are among the things that made us what we are now in the rug repair business. We focus on giving clients quality rug repairs in accordance with their individual needs. Some techniques we commonly utilize to fix rugs for clients include: Binding and surging, reweaving and patching, fringe repair and lots more.

When damage occurs and you need your rug repaired we recommend repairing it sooner than later to avoid further damage. Our professional repair craftsmen provide you expert repair options and services for all types of rugs. We repair any handmade or machine made rugs.

Repairs We Do & Rug We Repair

Binding, fringes, re-sizing, cutting, seaming, urine treatment, odor treatments, mildew removal, mold removal, new backing, antique rug washing, new padding etc.

Contemporary, Transitional, Shag, Traditional, Kilim, Flatweave, Antique, Oriental, Moroccan, Hand-knotted, Cowhide/Fur, Berber, Jute etc.

Area Rug Repair

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