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Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaning

When it comes to Area Rug Cleaning there is no one more qualified to do the job than Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners. With over 30 years in the rug cleaning industry we have cleaned all rug types and issues with a customer satisfactory rating of over 85%. It is not an easy task getting rid of certain stains and odors but we work endlessly to remove as many stains and odors as possible. Our cleaning is really one of the best in Brooklyn. See for yourself. Call Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners now. Feel confident that your rug will be back safe, clean and odor free when it is delivered.

Our Method

Oriental and other rugs can be ruined by improper cleaning methods. Inadequate cleaning can damage fibers, bleed colors, leave a yellowing residue and terrible odors. Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners uses safe and effective cleaning methods as part of our cleaning system. Our cleaning methods does not have any harmful chemicals and will not leave any harmful odors in your rug or home. Our method is fast, safe, non-toxic. Your rug will look beautiful again when it is returned you.

There is no question about the fact that cleaning rugs are not an easy task to do. Not only does rug cleaning take a lot of time but in addition involves significant scrubbing as well as cleaning. That is why our cleaning choice is best. Rug dries quickly and the prices are very competitive.

How We Clean

Depending on what type of rug you have, the amount of dirt, odors or spills and the price will all determine the cost of your rug cleaning. We have 5 options of cleaning; Steam Cleaning, Soap Wash, Shampoo Cleaning, Antique Rug Washing, Pool Saturating Cleaning or Dry Fabric Cleaning. Upon inspection of your rug the technician will determine the most effective way to clean your rug, issue you a price and pick up your rug. The rug will be picked up, cleaned, dried and delivered whenever it is complete. One of our representatives will contact you and arrange for the delivery whenever it is convenient for you.

Steam vs Shampoo Cleaning

We at Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners have a very well trained staff of rug cleaners and repair personal. They work very hard to maintain the cleanliness of your rug without harsh chemicals. It is always a topic of conversation with rug cleaners which is the best cleaning for rugs, Steam Cleaning or Shampoo Cleaning. Bottom line, it all depends on the type of rug, rug age, rug origin and many other circumstances. We use our state of the art cleaning methods to get your rug clean and fresh. If your rug is maintained properly cleaning results will have a positive outcome.

Antique Rug Washing

Your Antique Rugs are not just possessions; they're also your valuable investments. That's why at Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners we take extra special care with all Antique Rug Washing. We clean them with so much care, sensitivity and attention to every detail of your rug. Applying the elements of organic and natural cleaning to all Antique Rugs. We provide an effective and gentle cleaning processed that cleans your rug while also protecting it from any further damage. Our expert technicians will evaluate your rug to determine the best method for safely cleaning it. They'll share their recommendation with you at the time of the pick-up.

Stain and Odor Removal

We can remove minor and major stains such as; urine, feces, vomit, water damage, fire damage, food, juice, coffee, tea, mold, mildew etc.

Please do not attempt to clean or spot clean your rug yourself. It may do more harm than good. Professional cleaning is always best.

Area Rug Cleaning

Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners
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